When a single mother of three loses her job, her young kid seeks the protection of her old employer… Here is what happened to them…

A single woman with three kids is abruptly dismissed for arriving late for work. Her 11-year-old son chooses to see her former boss on her behalf after observing that his mother is distressed about losing her job.

Watching his favorite show, Aidan is seated in the living room. He usually spends this time of day with his buddies in the park, but because it was so hot, he opted to stay inside.

When he got home from school, his neighbor Mrs. Murphy, who was caring for him and his two siblings, Maya and Harry, while their mother, Helen, was away, handed him a delightful lemonade. The front door opened as he was enjoying his excellent beverage while watching television.

Aiden’s day at school was not discussed when Helen arrived home earlier than normal, and she failed to even notice him sitting on the couch. She immediately entered her room and shut the door.

Helen arrived home to find Mrs. Murphy in the kitchen. She returned early today. Is she unwell? – The elderly woman enquired. She rang Helen’s doorbell. “Now that you’re back, Helen, I’m going to leave. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you. But how are you doing?

Helen slowly opened the door after a little while, and Mrs. Murphy saw that her eyes were red and puffy. “I’m sorry, I just need some time to myself. Now you can return home. I appreciate your assistance.

Oh, no issue, Mrs. Murphy reassured, smiling. “I’ll be in touch whenever you need assistance, alright? Be careful.

Helen nodded before slumping back into the bed, trying her best to contain the tears that were dripping down her cheeks as she hid her face in her hands.

Until he observed that his mother was upset, Aidan was absorbed in his television show. He hurried to her room as soon as Mrs. Murphy left.

Mum?” he enquired. “How are you doing? Please try not to cry. He gave her a tender hug.

I’m a terrible mother, and I’m so sorry, Aidan,” she muttered. A dreadful, dreadful mummy.

Not at all, Mummy, Aiden retorted. The best mother ever, you! What makes you say that?

She laughed as she replied, “Because nice. “I was let go. I no longer hold a job. I have no idea how I’ll make ends meet. I’m running late for work since I have to prepare breakfast early in the morning, drop you off at the bus stop, handle groceries, and other things. They fired me for that without any hesitation!

I was stressed and worn out the entire time, but I persisted. Nobody seemed to care why I was late. Sorry, it would take some time before my mum found a new work.

“Avoid worrying. Everything will work out OK. As he gave her a hug, Aiden said, “You’ll be OK.

After school the following day, Aidan stayed away from home. Instead, he made the choice to visit his mother’s workplace and speak with her manager. On a business card, he noted the location of the office, and when he got there, he quickly entered via the front door. But two security personnel stopped him at the door.

What do you believe your destination is, kid? – A guard who was obstructing his path questioned.

“There’s a crisis. He said, “I have to talk to my mother’s boss.

You’re not allowed to bring children in here, don’t you know that? Is your mother working there? I can reach her at”

Aiden replied angrily, “No, you can’t. I need to speak with her employer because of this. I beg you, let me in.

Mr. Mitchell, the firm CEO, arrived up in his automobile a little while later and stepped out. He said perplexedly, “What’s going on here?

The guards were about to expel Aiden when they heard a voice ask, “What’s going on? ” as they exchanged glances. Who is this boy, exactly?

He received a detailed explanation of the situation from the guards, to which Mr. Mitchell nodded. He then turned to face Aiden. “Hello, my name is this company’s owner. That’s me, Andrew Mitchell. Do you want to speak with me at my office? This kind of conversation can’t take place outside, he said.

Yes, please, said Aiden. “And I have to go, so we better move quickly,” she added.

Mr. Mitchell grinned a little and lowered his glasses. “Sure, that. Following you, young man.

Aiden declined Mitchell’s request for his secretary to bring him something to drink from the cafeteria when they were both sitting in his office. “That’s OK, Mom says it’s not nice to take things from strangers. Could we quickly discuss my purpose for being here? At home, Mom is awaiting my arrival.

Mitchell grinned. “Of course, sure. What exactly did you want to discuss?

My mother’s name is Helen, and my name is Aiden,” he said. “Despite the fact that she didn’t do anything wrong, she was fired from her job yesterday. She simply arrived late for work. Even I occasionally arrive late for school, I know it’s wrong. You shouldn’t be so harsh with her.

“My mother works really hard and is very busy every day. She takes care of all of our requirements despite her busy schedule, especially if I have two younger siblings. When she was fired, she was really unhappy. Please consider giving her a job once more. She claims she needs it to pay our bills. This is a severe matter, as you can see!

Mr. Mitchell nodded while paying close attention to Aiden and tried to hide his smile at the young boy’s innocence. “Aiden, is that the issue? Does your mother need to resume her employment?

I saw Aiden nod. “Yes. If my language comes out as biased, I apologize. That is to say, I am aware that you can’t be late for both work and school. But if you could pardon her. To ensure that my mother never runs late again, I will assist her around the house. I vouch for that.

Mr. Mitchell cautiously nodded. “All right, I’ll handle it. I advise you to return home. My driver can take you if you wish.

Aiden said, “I’ll be alright, and thank you,” and walked away.

Aiden observed Helen smiling and conversing on the phone when he got home. She quickly thanked him after observing him enter the house and hung up.

How are you, Mom? Helen hugged Aiden just as he was about to begin speaking.

“Oh, honey, I’m back at work! I’ve resumed my job! That’s not all, either. I was promoted! We are no longer in danger!

With a smile, Aiden nodded his gratitude to Mr. Mitchell. He spoke quietly to her, “Congratulations, Mother.

Helen went back to work the following day, and Mr. Mitchell paid her a visit. He knocked on her office door and asked if he might enter.

She stood up and answered, “Yes, of course, sir.”

He responded, “You raised your boy properly, Helen. He is a true gentleman who never hesitates to stand up for his mother. I would not have let you go if I had known about your predicament. Do you know what your young son did?

Helen responded, ashamed, “I – I don’t understand…”.

Then Mr. Mitchell gave a detailed account of how Aiden had approached him the day before and persuaded him to drive her back to work. Helen started crying after hearing the entire tale.

However, none of them was aware of the true rationale for Mr. Mitchell’s decision to rehire Helen. He knew Aiden’s suffering because he had himself been in Aiden’s position as a child.