The whole class laughed at this boy but look at what this brave girl did about it!

Christine Banga Adair, her devoted husband, and their four precious little children resided in Plant City, Florida. She spent more than 16 years instructing first graders and recognized the need of imparting to children concepts that were not always covered in the classroom.

She once went to pick up her daughter from recess at Carington School. Adair frequently engaged in a game with her young charges to make returning home enjoyable and thrilling.

Adair offered details of an engaging game she had done with her kids.

“My kids and I play the “game of ups and downs” after I get home from school. We share our day’s maximum (the nicest part) and minimum (something we’d like to change) with each other.

A resident of Plant City claimed that her 12-year-old daughter said something to her that was so powerful that it dominated everything else and made her cry.

In addition to being perplexed, she was also speechless and admitted that she was having trouble controlling her tears.
Adair stated that the beginning of her daughter’s narrative was,

“Mom, I brought today’s teacher to tears.” The mother of four immediately had a bad thought when she first heard these words.

Although the mother insisted she didn’t want to question her kind daughter, she couldn’t help but wonder what Carington had done to cause the instructor to cry. When she was interrupted, she was still attempting to interpret her daughter’s statements.

It came out that Carington had not yet fully told the tale. She then informed her mother about a boy in her painting class who had Tourette’s syndrome, a disorder that causes people to make uncontrollable sounds and repeated gestures.

Carington informed her mother that the boy was teased by everyone for his peculiar behavior. Adair paid close attention as her daughter continued to tell her tale. She described her conversation with Carington in full as follows:

He was knocked to the ground today. When I turned to look, I saw that the other students were making fun of him, so I went over and sat down next to him. The class put up its laughter.

Carington claims that the boy’s mom a deputy teacher at the time, saw everything that was going on. The teacher entered the drawing room, hugged Carington, and thanked her with tears in her eyes. The little girl added:

“Mom, the hug was extremely tight—tighter than hugs from Aunt Jenna!” She repeatedly thanked me and complimented me on how gorgeous I was.

Adair was overcome with emotion after hearing her daughter’s moving story. She claimed to be both perplexed and stunned, and that she tried her best to contain her tears.

The proud mother described how her daughter turned to face her, saw the tears in her eyes, and realized everything. Adair added that her daughter’s thoughtfulness had moved her deeply:

Nothing my child might accomplish would make me more proud—nothing at all! No distinction, no extraordinary ability, no champion athlete, or anything else we would deem unique. Nothing compares to standing up for what is just and demonstrating understanding and compassion for others.

Adair not only expressed her motherly pride in her young daughter, but she also conveyed a strong message to the moms of kids with disabilities. She reassured them that there are kind individuals who always stand up for what is right in the world.

Adair urged parents to discuss essential issues including racism, Tourette syndrome, autism, and more with their young children. In order to assist their children grow up to be responsible, compassionate adults, she urged parents to share their experiences and sentiments with their young children.

Adair stressed the value of encouraging compassion and empathy in children by drawing on her experience as a teacher.