When he starts to sing, the audience and the judges get taken aback… Video attached!

It’s quite normal to feel pressured, worried, or nervous. All of us have been there. We have all experienced worry before a significant event, whether it be a competition, date, or interview.

The inherent fear of the unknown enabled people to live thousands of years ago when they had little understanding of the outside world.

The thirty-four-year-old Christopher Maloney had stage fright as he went on stage to perform for The X Factor UK’s auditions in 2012. He was visibly perspiring as he stood on stage in front of the judges and had trouble pronouncing his name without stuttering.

But as soon as he began to sing, the audience was enraptured by his divine voice.

Choosing to perform Bette Midler’s

Since it was the music that was played during his grandfather’s fune.ral, “The Rose” was chosen. To assist in caring for his grandma Pat, he moved in with her.

She was his biggest supporter, and after five years of pleading, she eventually succeeded in persuading Maloney to attend the audition.

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