When parrot noticed cat in front of the entrance, he started to tease him. VIDEO

George, a gorgeous tabby cat, lives in New Zealand. He routinely visits neighbors because of his strong levels of sociability and friendliness. There have now been extra reasons for visits since the cat noticed colorful parrots that live behind a glass door. Purring actually expected a closer “acquaintance”—what if you might profit from a new bird?

George saw the protagonist of the narrative, a green-feathered “man” with a crimson beak and matching “necklace.” Oscar is well known for his intelligence and ingenuity. The parrot is a chatty bird who likes speaking. Oscar, on the other hand, likes fooling around and cracking jokes about unexpected visits.

The mistress of the parrot watched and photographed this occurrence. The video instantly went viral on the internet! Everyone who sees it laughs at the foolish parrot and the unhappy cat, whose efforts to gain money off the bird have plainly failed! Oscar, by the way, is buddies with Poppy, another parrot. His body is gray, his neck is pink, and his head is snow white. The two feathered pals get along well; however, it’s unclear whether he loves taunting the cat like our hero Oscar. Despite his disappointment, George may still visit the parrot.