When the woman woke up, she was surprised to see a 5-meter snake by her bed. Where did he come from? 

A massive snake that had been living on an Australian home’s roof for ten years attempted to get into the master bedroom.

Trina Hibberd of Mission Beach, Queensland, awoke on Monday to discover a 5.2-meter-long scrub python named Monty stretching from her lounge area to her bedroom.

Monty was able to switch on a light and knock down a lamp before snake catcher Dave Goodwin arrived.

Mr. Goodwin encouraged the snake to wrap around his forearm before trapping it in a plastic home-brewing jug.
He told the BBC that the 40-kg snake was “choking [his] arm to death” before he placed it in the tub.

“When you go near them, they have this real deep gurgle in their throat, which means, in other words, don’t come near me,” the man stated.

To urge the snake to grasp his arm, Mr. Goodwin grabbed it around the head using tongs.