Woman describes her lifestyle in a walk-in closet-sized apartment in New York City! VIDEO attached!

Apartments in New York City can be very expensive.
Tiny flats are popular in this city due to the high expense of living there. How a human can even live in a house the size of a bedroom is rather amazing, isn’t it? It is made feasible by making efficient use of space and living simply.

However, have you ever considered residing in an 80-square-foot apartment? This entails residing in a space that is practically a walk-in closet!
The internet has become fixated on the modest apartment of one New York City resident. She has an area that is 80 feet by 150 feet.

She may even be residing in a space that is smaller than the living room of your house. Caleb Simpson, a YouTube vlogger and TikToker, who is renowned for scouring the United States seeking amazing homes to share with his fans, featured her house in a video that he released.

The woman who rents the little apartment is shown in the video giving Caleb a tour of her house.

Alaina Randazzo resides in Midtown Manhattan, the ideal neighborhood for a city dweller used to living life quickly. She was happy to give a tour of the small apartment she calls home in the city and expressed her appreciation for the place where she lives.

Alaina, who is 5’5″ tall, appears even longer when her body is extended out than the area where she can lie down. And to top it all off, she also shares a home with a dog!

The loft of her flat is perilously near to the ceiling.
She sleeps in the loft, and due to the confined environment, she is unable to even sit up straight. The camera is positioned such that it can see the entire room from her bed.

A stovetop, a love seat, a television positioned on one wall, and a little area with shelves make up the flat. It’s incredible how she manages to cram everything in this tiny area.

Compared to a typical apartment in the metropolis, Alaina can save more than $2,000 by renting the room for $650 per month.
The woman is fine with the lack of a window in the room because there is a skylight above her. The audience, which has surpassed 4 million as at the time this article was written, is torn between being surprised and terrified by the cramped quarters that a lady as tall as Alaina lives in.

Alaina revealed in a TikTok video that she uses the communal restroom in the building’s hallway because the room lacked a bathroom. Speaking of restrooms, she humorously mentioned one drawback throughout the tour.

Her neighbors are OK; however, the shower area for the other room was located against the wall next to her love seat.

Alaina was cool with it when Caleb suggested they try going to the loft, something he frequently suggests in his films. They discovered that the loft was only a few inches from the ceiling.

Alaina’s choice of a property may raise some eyebrows, but there is no denying the fact that by choosing to rent it, she is saving a significant amount of money.

If interested, check out the video below!