Kelly Clarkson’s performance of a stunning, heartbreaking song on Idol made Keith Urban’s emotional… Watch it here!

Few singers can match Kelly Clarkson’s capacity for bringing a depth of feeling and sincere passion to a song. Her forgiveness and elegance on stage are equal to her incredible musical talent.

When she takes the microphone, she actually commands the room. It’s simply remarkable to see how she can get a crowd to stand up by using the force of her voice.

Years ago, Kelly made her public debut as the American Idol singing competition champion. She came back for the very last season of the program, taking center stage and performing one of her original songs. She captivated the entire audience the moment she entered the stage, pregnancy and all.

The crowd became electrified as they waited in eager anticipation to hear her renowned voice.

Keith Urban, who was presiding over the singing contest, broke down in tears as Kelly sang her heartfelt song. His expression and complete awe of her song revealed the emotions he was experiencing. According to Keith, Kelly wrote her song “Piece by Piece,” and it is based on her own life experiences.

The song was co-written by her and Greg Kurstin. It became abundantly clear that the song wasn’t just based on her experiences; rather, Kelly wrote it from the heart with a lot of raw emotion.

Kelly surprised the judges and the audience with a move just a few minutes into her performance. She was so overcome with passion that she had to hold back her emotions while she sang the lyrics.

She briefly struggled to keep singing as she displayed incredibly real emotion, which is so uncommon in onstage performances by music superstars like Kelly Clarkson.

In addition to her extraordinary talent, Kelly is renowned for the extraordinary and almost instant connection she creates with listeners when they see her perform live. Her followers are greatly moved by the intensity and emotion with which she performs.

The audience was right there to get up and applaud her when she had to stop mid-performance because she felt overwhelmed.

Kelly! Kelly! Kelly! was the unifying chant of the audience, urging her to continue singing. The audience erupted in cheers as she finished the song, and Keith Urban and the other judges gave her a heartfelt thank you.

Here is the video: