Wonderful dolphin made the following decision in response to this woman’s phone falling into the water:

When you are at sea, you should take extra care with your devices, especially your phone, as you are less likely to locate them if you lose them.

This young woman never imagined she would discover her phone again as she watched it slowly fall to the ocean floor.

Imagine his delight when the friendly dolphin gave him back his phone.

Despite the apparent impossibility, let’s look at the videos.

Teresa took advantage of the chance to swim with dolphins on the islands while she was on vacation.

In order to enjoy the company of the magnificent dolphins that were circling the boat, the girl asked her swimming partner to hold onto her phone while she was in the water.

But the moment the man was released to go, the phone dropped into the sea. The girl was already upset, having given up on ever locating the phone.

After discovering the phone, one of the dolphins dove in search of it.

Nobody could believe his eyes when he recovered it and returned it to them.

I had the chance to swim in the ocean with dolphins, he wrote.

I thus asked someone to store my phone, and when they dropped it in the water, a dolphin found it and returned it to me.

This was the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had.

The hero dolphin, like many others, is quite amiable and takes part in the dolphin encounter, one of the most well-liked tourist attractions on the islands.

Watch the video here: