You will be amazed to see this couple perform a 50s dance! Check out the video here!

It’s true that dancing is considered body language. Professional dancers’ emotive movements enliven and reflect the audience their own feelings and thoughts.

Dancers Tanya Georgievska and Sondre Olsen-By enthrall the crowd with their performances and get everyone dancing. This time, they swayed to “Rock Around the Clock’s” thrilling beats. In the 1950s, the song Rock Around the Clock was a popular seller in Britain.

This historic occasion had a significant impact on the growth of music not just in Europe but even globally. One of the earliest rock & roll records is Rock Around the Clock, performed by Bill Haley and his band The Comets.

It had a significant impact on the evolution and global adoption of this fashion. Max Friedman and James Myers, two Americans, wrote the song in 1952. Bill Haley brightly played the hit song Crazy Man, Crazy at that very moment, and Myers made the decision to grant him his creation.

Sondre and Tanya always select upbeat songs for their routines so that the audience is encouraged by the dancers’ moves and does not become tired of them. They dance in the boogie-woogie style, which was developed by Texas pianists in the 1870s and started to take shape as a dance form in the late 19th century. Sondre and Tanya decided to use it for their performance because the song and the style are complementary and upbeat.

This dance duo stands out for the deep affection and connection they display in their movements. Through dancing, they express their feelings to the audience. They adopted boogie-woogie as their preferred genre. Since they started dancing together in 2015, Tanya and Sondre have taken part in a variety of competitions and even earned awards. Together, they enjoy exploring the nation’s various regions.

Everywhere they go, they put on shows that draw large crowds and have their dances become successes. Everyone attempts to dance along with them and mimic them. Tanya and Sandre teach dancing to everybody in addition as performing. They wish to impart their knowledge and expertise in dancing to their pupils.

Here is the video: