This young man gives up his dreams in order to take care of his grandma… Here is what happens to him later…

Kyle’s expression changed to one of contentment when his grandmother Ruth went to bed. Kyle had been reluctant to leave her alone ever since she was diagnosed with cancer. If she took good care of herself, the doctor had said she had a year to live. And Kyle was doing everything he could to help her.

«Ting!» His phone began to ring, signaling that he had a message. He slid into bed and briefly looked up at the ceiling. He tried to fall asleep by closing his eyes, but it wasn’t successful.

He checked the message once more. It came from Clara, his girlfriend.

Hey, infant. How’s Grandma Ruth doing? This weekend, I’ll be here. Do you want me to get her something? read the message.

«No, nothing is wrong. She is okay. He replied, “See you later,” and put the phone on silent.

Once more left to his own devices, Kyle couldn’t help but reflect on the peculiar turn his life had taken.

Kyle has a history of being a top student. Excellent student, top athlete, and a teenager who works very hard. Since his parents were away in a car accident when he was eleven years old, Kyle has been raised by his grandmother Ruth, who instilled in him a desire to put in a lot of effort.

Kyle usually came out on top in his classes, and he gave it his all to make Ruth smile. However, a lot of things changed as time passed.

Ruth’s health deteriorated soon after Kyle was offered a scholarship to attend his first choice university. It would be an understatement to say that Kyle put in countless hours toward his acceptance. He gave it his blood, sweat, and tears. But in order to be by his grandmother’s side, he gave up everything.

Oh, boy, don’t be a fool! I won’t be leaving! Have you forgotten that I raised you as the Iron Lady? Ruth said with a small smile. Kyle, live your life. Never mind about me!

The physician sighed.
Could you please excuse us, Mrs. Lester? I want to speak with Kyle in private,” he said.

Kyle received the dreadful news from the doctor as Ruth reluctantly exited the room.
«As you can see, Kyle, I won’t raise your expectations. The likelihood of the treatment working at this time is slim. She only has one year left. Try to make the most of these final few days if I were you.

Ruth noticed something was awry when Kyle left the room and noticed his pale face.

If I start causing problems, put me in a nursing home! She asserted loudly. I don’t want my grandchild to give his life in order to save mine! Were you aware of that?

Kyle sighed and said, “Grandma.” That’s alright. I must be present for you. I can’t abandon you in this state.

I’m not referring to those pricy nursing facilities. You’re aware that there are other affordable options. Take me there! It’s done! As if she had missed anything Kyle had spoken, she spoke.

Kyle hugged her while crying.

Grandma, I have the rest of my life to do as I like. You only have one year left, the doctor stated. I want to be by your side until the very end.

In the end, while his high school rival, Toby, who was often envious of him, secured a spot there, Kyle gave up his dream college for Ruth. Kyle had everything that Toby coveted. Clara was never interested in Toby, which was fortunate for Kyle because he even wanted her to date him.

That evening, Kyle slept soundly, awakening the following morning only to the grating sound of the alarm. He decided to check on Ruth after washing his face. Fortunately, she was sound asleep, so he left her to her own devices.

He set the table with a post-it note and made her breakfast.

Grandma, I’m going to work now. I’m on my way home. I requested Mrs. Murphy to look after you.

Kyle started working as a cleaner at a nearby hotel to make a livelihood after giving up his aspirations and a business course. It was the only job he could get without a degree, and he needed to support them.

Working and then returning home to Ruth, Kyle’s days consisted of feeding her, making her bed, and watching for her to nod off. After that, he would watch something on Netflix and text Clara to inquire about her college experience. She and Toby attended the same college, and Kyle occasionally worried that she would reject him in favor of Toby.

Clara, however, would never love another person the way she does Kyle. This weekend, she spent time with Kyle and went to see Ruth. She vowed to try harder to pay Ruth more frequent visits.

Months passed. Kyle gave his grandmother excellent care till she went away peacefully. He arranged for her funeral while also bidding her farewell.

Through sobs, he said, “Grandma, I’m going to miss you.”

He had no idea that years later, he would be proudly standing by her grave as the proprietor of a five-star hotel.

Ruth’s house was given to him after her passing. If Clara hadn’t proposed, Kyle would never have thought about turning it into a hotel.

“Baby, I have a business degree. That might be helpful. I believe we ought to try it. How do you feel?

The concept intrigued Kyle. He began tackling it by carrying out home improvements on his own, but things weren’t going according to plan. Dad of Clara then came to his aid. Kyle received a loan from him to pay for contractors and other services.

The hotel was finally completed after two years of laborious effort. At first, business was sluggish, but ultimately it took off. Kyle cherished the memory of Ruth’s grin as he stood in the lobby of his five-star hotel.

Her and Clara’s decades-long labors paid off in amazing ways, as Kyle built a million-dollar company without receiving a business degree from his ideal college.

Every time he went to Grandma’s grave, he said to Ruth, “Thank you, Grandma.” I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your affection.