You will be taken aback when you see the underground kingdom this man spent 25 years creating by himself…

New Mexico-born cave artist Ra Paulette, 67, is renowned for her magnificent works of art.

He excavates vast tunnels and caverns every day, carving elaborate patterns into the sandstone with just a shovel, a pick, and a cart.

Ra Paulette’s incredible accomplishment is evidence of her talent and diligence. The vast tunnels are transformed into charming settings after the work is finished.

Ra Paulette is compensated for his work with a sum of money that is primarily symbolic.

In an interview, Paulette said that he merely did it for fun. He values his time spent in the “museum” of the future more than any tangible reward.

Ra Paulette has so far constructed 14 caves, and he intends to construct a total of 15.

The cave he is currently working on, according to Paulette, will be his biggest one yet. He has been chipping away at the walls of his most recent masterwork for for ten years. I should be interested in this site,” says Ra Paulette.

Following a successful first assignment, Ra Paulette began to receive requests for further ones. Despite this, he declined each and every one of them since he wasn’t ready to treat the customers’ wishes seriously.

Paulette contends that in the realm of commerce, motivation is always needed.

Ra is also widely known outside of Egypt. His biography, The Cave Digger, received an Academy Award nomination in 2013.