Sheena Cole looks like she is 25 years old but in reality, she is much older… Can you guess her age? Find out here!

Sheena Cole doesn’t appear to be more than 30 years old. However, she is actually 56 years old.

Sheena was effective in preserving a little girl’s appearance, features, and gait. She promises that by following a few simple rules, anyone can get this result.

Cole thinks the secret to warding off the signs of aging is easy, consistent skin care and a healthy lifestyle.

Sheena credits the daily application of sunscreen, which she uses to shield her skin from the sun’s harmful rays, with allowing her to “throw off” her appearance for at least 10 years.

«It matters how people perceive me. Sheena continues, “When I leave the house in denim shorts and wear very little makeup, I feel like I appear years younger.”

The price of a glossy appearance is significant restrictions. To reach his objectives, Cole spends hours each day exercising and fasts three times per week.

My close pals are constantly interested in learning how I do things. In all honesty, I owe a lot to my DNA. The woman remarks, “My mum and dad always looked wonderful.”

The woman’s alleged guidelines appear to be simple to follow. Any person who wants to seem young for as long as possible should start doing these habits.