VIDEO: Friends of Disabled Man Carry Him Up Mountain So He Can Go To…

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Comic and extreme sports enthusiast Zach Anner performs stand-up comedy. In addition to that, he suffers from cerebral palsy, yet it hasn’t prevented him from leading an eventful life at all.

The man hailing from Austin, Texas has participated in a wide variety of extreme sports, including bungee jumping and zip-lining. Recently, with the assistance of his close pals, he engaged in an activity known as “volcano surfing.”

Anner went to Nicaragua with the intention of bringing attention to the charitable organization known as UCP Wheels For Humanity, which provides wheelchairs to those who are unable to afford them.

As they made their way up the slope of the Cerro Negro volcano, Anner’s devoted companions took turns carrying him on their backs for the duration of the hour-long ascent.

After that, in the space of three “magical” minutes, they all descended back down on the boards made of wood.

Not only does Anner hope that his prank will earn money and exposure for charity, but he also believes that it will encourage other individuals who are living with impairments.

“Zach engages in activities such as these in his free time. According to Ron Cohen, the Chief Executive Officer of UCP Wheels for Humanity, “He truly pushes his limits.”

He raises people’s awareness about the abilities that people who have disabilities can achieve.

“You really can’t talk about Zach as having a disability because he does things that people without disabilities would be too hesitant to try,” he continued.

“Zach does things that people without disabilities would be too afraid to try.” “Half of the things that he performs, I wouldn’t even consider doing myself.”

Watch the video…