A nine-year-old child spent all of his savings in order to…

We always make a great effort to look after our family and friends; we worry about whether they will eat well, have clothing to wear and be in need of nothing. But we frequently fail to remember that there are other people who actually require our assistance.

Nathan Simons, a ninth-grader from the United States, showed us what true empathy and kindness look like. He made the decision to assist a homeless shelter.

Like all contemporary kids, Nathan enjoys watching a variety of videos on YouTube, which, incidentally, his parents disapproved of. Nathan is similar to his friends in this regard.

Later, though, they had to reconsider. He once watched a movie in which donors purchase everything needed for orphans while raising money for charity. It so motivated the young youngster that he said to his father, “I want to do that too!”

The schoolboy’s father, Ethan, contacted the nearby shelter to find out what they urgently needed. The child had saved up all of his money for a year and a half when he and Nathan went to the bank, and each took $150 from his account.

They afterward went shopping. They purchased clothing, food, and personal care items. Nathan included dessert.

I’m so happy and proud of myself, he exclaims.

The center’s director, Cindy Gramenz, took the gifts before turning to Nathan and saying:

You are aware that what you are doing is excellent? You are incredibly helpful to so many individuals! This kind of empathy and respect for philanthropic work is really uncommon for a nine-year-old!

The boy’s father shared the story on his Facebook page since he is also extremely proud of his son…

Ethan wrote, “Can’t help but boast about my son when he achieves fantastic things.”