This couple got a call from the hospital to inform them that they have triplets to adopt!

The couple had a strong desire for a child. In the end, the couple opted to adopt so they could start a family. Sarah and Andy were unable to afford IVF or surrogacy.

After locating a consenting mother, making all the necessary arrangements, and informing her that she was expecting triplets.

The fact that they were being watched didn’t appear to worry them. It was universally acknowledged as incredible. Elizabeth, Hannah, and Joseph all arrived early and in good health.

Sarah underwent a number of medical examinations throughout their two months in the hospital. She was told the good news by the doctors.

It sounded like a dream when a voice said, “You are pregnant,” to the woman.

She eventually received yet another lucky break. Sarah was currently carrying twins. 2013 saw the birth of babies; the pregnancy was for twins.

Interestingly enough, it is true. She exclaims joyfully, “We’ve always wanted kids, and now we have five.”

However, luck didn’t end there. In 2016, a boy named Caleb was born.

I guess that simply proves that if you want something bad enough, you’re bound to get it, adds Sarah.

Six young children are now being raised and cared for by the growing family. They also wouldn’t give up such amazing items.