A two-year-old girl and her mother perform on stage… but look at what the little kid does at the end!

Mothering two children is not an easy job, and Bree Hafen does not take it lightly. Sadly, this meant that when her children were born, she had to put her desire to become a professional dancer on hold. But following a significant event, she now has the chance to alter her plans for the future somewhat.

The most-watched dancing program in the US is “So You Think You Can Dance.” A highly strange occurrence recently occurred on this broadcast.

The 29-year-old professional dancer Bree Hafen dazzled the judges and the audience with her impassioned performance, but in this instance, she brought two children with her: her 2-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son.

Her kids couldn’t stay still when their mother started dancing, so they sat among the judges.

Following Bree’s performance, her son rushed to the stage and presented her with a gift: a ticket to the following competition. Then there was the young girl, aged two.

The video’s most exciting section starts around minute 4, so take note of it. Let’s give this young child some appreciation for the way she dances. One of the judges remarked, “That’s the most amazing dance I’ve ever seen in this dance hall.”

Find the video below!