72-year-old grandmother steals the spotlight on The Jennifer Hudson Show, captivating the audience with her drumming skills!

A 72-year-old grandmother amazed everyone with her impressive drumming skills on The Jennifer Hudson Show. Bravo, Granny!

Musicians possess a unique talent for creating beautiful music, each gravitating toward different instruments like the guitar, violin, or trumpet. Dorothea Taylor, however, has found her forte on the drums, honing her skills over 60 years.

In a YouTube clip from The Jennifer Hudson Show, Dorothea showcases her remarkable drumming prowess, rocking out to Nirvana’s “Stay Away.” The studio audience cheers as she flawlessly maintains the rhythm, captivating everyone with her performance.

Even host Jennifer Hudson is enthralled by Dorothea’s talent, unable to look away. Not only does Dorothea impress with her drumming, but she also gives Jennifer a brief drumming lesson, showcasing her expertise. Truly amazing!