A 13-year-old boy sees fire and rushes to help 15 kids… Then…

The first person to address the 13-year-old kid who rescued 15 children from a fire in Odessa’s Viktoriya camp was city councilman Oleksandr Ivanytskyy. Maxim Tikhonchuk is the name of the child.

He removed kids from five rooms. That is the lives of 15 kids! Alexander Ivanitsky said on Facebook, “And on Monday he just went to class with burnt hands…

The teacher of Maksim Tihonchuk remarks, “Despite everything he’s been through, Maksim is really just starting his second day in class. Maksim is quite modest and doesn’t want to talk about himself. This young man is a true hero. Maksim was in another building when a fire started in the camp. But as soon as he noticed that the building next door was on fire, he took action and dashed inside to save the kids.

Maksim claimed that the fire started soon. Maxim forced open doors and windows to free the kids. Many people were saved by him. He was unable to enter the room where the three dead girls were found.

He was powerless to intervene because the door had melted and was immovable. Maxim worries a lot about this. He even holds himself responsible for these kids’ deaths. Every adult couldn’t have carried out what this child performed, in my opinion.

The Victoria Children’s Health Complex caught fire late on September 15, 2017, in the late evening. The fire destroyed the structure where it started. In the fire, three kids perished, and two more were taken to the hospital.

Several kids reportedly jumped out of the burning building’s windows, according to eyewitness accounts.