The first sextuplets were born in history to this couple… Here is what they look like 30 years later…

Like many other families, Janet and Graham had wanted kids for a very long time.

But they had no idea they would end up raising a sizable family. After numerous failed efforts and 13 tries, Janet was eventually able to become pregnant.

Their good fortune astounded them. They couldn’t wait for the initial scan since they were in for one more surprise after that.

Unexpectedly, an ultrasound revealed the couple was simultaneously carrying six children. It came as a tremendous happy surprise to them because they had no idea they would end up with six kids after so many disappointments.

Specialists insisted that Janet be admitted to the hospital, and the district hospital’s medical staff took care of her. Six healthy girls were delivered to him on November 18, 1983.

Janet and Graham spent $11,000 a year on diapers since they could not take breaks between feedings, diaper changes, baths, and diaper changes for their infant.

They had a really difficult time during their infant years before the kids’ school years started. With six girls, getting them ready for puberty was difficult.

They claim to have always been pleased with their daughters. Since they first became friends when they were young, their friendship has remained unchanged.

They are 34 years old right now. Some of them had prosperous careers, while others were already married and had families of their own.

The family recently went on a vacation as a whole. They took an incredible vacation to New York with their parents.

Their first child, Sarah, gave birth to their grandson. She gave birth to a daughter in 2014, whom she called Yorgi.

Six daughters implies the family will grow over time and there will be more grandchildren, which makes them really happy.

They claim that it was difficult to completely appreciate each stage of their development as women, but things have improved with time.

Their grandchild is likewise appreciative and joyful to have such parents, grandparents, and at least five aunts!

Now that they have plenty of spare time, husbands may spend as much time as they like with their granddaughter. Their family will expand and they will get a lot of grandchildren every year!