A 13-year-old model with an unusual appearance got famous on social media… You will be amazed to know her story…

Today, body positivity blasts from every iron, and those who are different from the norm are progressively becoming famous. In the past, the smallest deviation from the criteria of beauty would make someone a pariah.

Perhaps it was because of this that Winnie Harlow’s name entered the entertainment industry, and it was through her that the public first learned about April Star. Both models share the vitiligo disease’s characteristics of altered skin pigmentation.

Although the 13-year-old model’s distinctive trait causes her skin to lose more pigment each year and develop more light zones, she is in no way ashamed of it. However, the girl’s self-esteem was severely damaged when the condition was first discovered.

Winnie Harlow, a supermodel April had the good fortune to meet on The Real a few years prior, then stepped in to save the day and became a terrific example for April. They have been friends ever then and stay in touch via social media.

April has been actively participating in the lookbooks for children’s apparel collections for a number of years, and she also has her own lifestyle YouTube channel. The girl shows the entire world by her example that she is lovely, and her eccentricity aids in providing an entirely new view of the world.

The young model expressed her opinion, saying, “I think the most important thing is always to be yourself and not be scared to show others who you truly are.”