A 15-year-old singing Frank Sinatra on “The Voice Kids” stunned all 4 judges. It’s definitely worth seeing this VIDEO!

How quickly do you believe The Voice judges can be convinced? Imagine a situation where we quickly informed you that it had happened.

Imagine, though, if we told you that they were impressed by a 15-year-old.

In the German version of The Voice Kids, that episode happened. Ben, who is 15 years old, enters the space.

For the blind audition, he is preparing to sing Candid Sinatra’s Outsiders in the Night. The appointed authorities are overcome by his influence the moment his pleasant voice enters the mouthpiece.

One judge exclaims, “Wow,” as he sings the song’s opening verses.

He said, “That’s all the constituted authority needs to hear.”

He pushes the button to turn around and face the performer. Before it completely turns, he even gets up from his seat to have a quick look. As Benjamin continues, his song persuades the audience.

The judges quickly realize that this young man is a star as they praise his seductive vocals.

A cascade form of influence occurs as each judge approaches Benjamin.

They were fortunate that they made this decision. His presentation continues to be impressive. As the music becomes increasingly personal, the judges begin to cry.

Some of them got up from their chairs to give him praise.

The entire group applauds when Benjamin is finished.

One judge is still in awe of how exceptional this young person is. She exclaims loudly, “What,” in disbelief at his vocal prowess.

If you thought all that was amazing, hold on till you see him play the piano. When the designated authorities have finished acting in front of him, Ben moves back toward the stage to sing and perform. He never disappoints.

The appointed officials stand up from their chairs to applaud him for his musical talent. This young person’s attendance at The Voice Children finals is most likely accurate.

Here is the video: