After a young boy enters the fire station bringing a note with him, a brave firefighter breaks down in tears…

Some firefighters’ lives were forever changed as a result of a baby boy visiting a fire station.

The captain and his crew were moved to tears when the youngster gave them a card with a question on it.

There was no way to predict.

Jack was approached by a little child who had a unique problem that needed to be resolved.

Jack was contacted right away by rambunctious young children who wanted to see the fire truck.

He quickly saw, though, that the boy was focused elsewhere and that this was his main concern.

Jack was informed by John that his greatest love was for firefighters.

John was dressed in a t-shirt, regular slacks, and a firefighter’s jacket.

Jim thought it was really good how John had shown his commitment to the fire station.

Jack asked his mother about John’s enthusiasm for the position.

Sarah told Jack that her spouse worked as a firefighter.

John recently paid his father a visit to the place where he had grown up learning about firefighting.

Jim was touched by this since it reminded him of his own loved ones.