A 17-year-old special needs child who largely depended on a wheelchair has begun to walk… Watch his video here!

Brandon has struggled with developmental problems all of his life. He was born with jaundice, underweight, and developmental delays. He walked with an unusual gait and had a visual issue that required 5 eye surgery. His numerous issues were brought on by a hereditary gene mutation.

He was eventually diagnosed with scoliosis and a misaligned hip, and they were advised to have hip surgery to rectify the problem. Brandon was confined to a wheelchair, unable to move, and becoming more worried and depressed despite doctors’ predictions that he would be walking again in six months.

Following the hip operation, he was unable to walk for eight years. His self-esteem suffered, and the kid said that it was preventing him from ever finding a girlfriend.

Brandon’s parents had intended to purchase him a new wheelchair in 2019, but he had other ideas. He was desperate to begin walking once more.

His parents chose to try out the special needs gym after learning about Special Strong. Daniel and Brandon started working together to help Brandon rebuild his strength and start walking once more.

Because Brandon was afraid of several of the new activities, it wasn’t an easy procedure. But Daniel encouraged him to get beyond his uncertainties and apprehensions.

If you didn’t know better, Daniel writes, “You might not look at him and believe he was strong, but I can guarantee you he was as courageous as anybody who has ever confronted a violent opponent or, worse still, their own demons.”

With the help of the program, the teenager progressively transitioned from a wheelchair to a walker and arm crutches.

Brandon made progress during their fifth session: he began walking unassisted without the aid of a walker. Daniel encouraged him while observing. It had been eight years since his last independent walk.

Daniel assured the group that Brandon will soon be walking independently and that this was just the beginning.

A few weeks later, that time came: Brandon said, “I’m ready,” when Daniel announced that this was the day he would walk.

When the two stepped outside and the camera started recording, Brandon did something amazing: he started walking by himself.

“You’re making it seem simple even though you haven’t done this in eight years!” He walked farther than he expected, Daniel tells him, giving him encouragement.

“Are you happy with me?” Brandon enquires. Daniel responds, “I’m really proud of you.
While Daniel was happy to see Brandon take his first steps, he was even happier to see him conquer his concerns.

Everything for Brandon and his entire family altered after that, according to Daniel. He wasn’t merely learning to walk. He had overcome his phobias. He had overcome his preconceptions and self-limiting beliefs. He had triumphed over himself.

After the motivational video went viral, many individuals requested words of inspiration from Brandon. He has kept going back to Special Strong and moving forward.

After taking his first steps, Brandon declared that he would like to walk once more. A few days later, in a different video, he can be seen jogging on the treadmill:

Brandon deserves a huge salute and congrats for making such amazing progress, overcoming his concerns, and relearning how to walk independently!

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