A 9-year-old gave the best rendition of “Girl On Fire” and won the Golden Buzzer… Video attached!

When 9-year-old Angelica Hale made her debut on America’s Got Talent, she astounded the panel of judges and the audience with an absolutely stunning rendition of Andra Day’s “Rise Up,” which earned her worldwide acclaim and renown on social media.

Hale said that even though she had advanced to the next round of the competition, she was more anxious than ever. She maintained her composure and charm at all times, holding herself like a pro.

Prior to her performance, the adorable 9-year-old exclaimed in a backstage conversation, “I want to make it to the live concerts so bad!” “I have to prove myself to them since I worked so hard to get here. I must give it my all.

The young girl appeared to be “every girl” in America, which is to say that she was very adorable, as she confidently entered the stage wearing a pink frock, a stylish denim vest, and purple-laced sneakers.

So when she took the stage and began to sing Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire,” panelist Chris Hardwick was taken aback by her powerful voice because he had missed her incredible performance in the first round.

Hardwick was completely taken aback by Angelica’s voice, which also caused the audience as a whole to spontaneously stand to their feet and sing her name. A precocious conversation between one of the judges and the 9-year-old then started.

Do you recall what I told you the first time you sang? Angelica was questioned by Judge Howie Mandel following her performance. Without missing a beat, the girl answered beamingly, “Howie, I’ll never forget that. You said I had an excellent chance of winning America’s Got Talent.” “Well, you know something, Angelica,” Howie responded. I’ll never forget you, and as of right now, I still feel the same way.

As the typically irritable and caustic Simon Cowell, he acknowledged having performance anxiety and doubting the young contestant’s ability to carry it off, but he also acknowledged that she proved him completely wrong. You nailed it, Angelica, he remarked as he looked her in the eyes.

The biggest response came from Judge Hardwick of all the judges on America’s Got Talent. “I’m so blown away since you walk out and you look like this cute little child,” he said to start. How do those pipes fit in that tiny body, you wonder as you open your mouth. You are incredible! Hardwick exclaimed, giving everybody a hint as to what was to come as his eyes flew to the Golden Buzzer.

Angelica, you have been selected! As he pushed the button, Hardwick yelled enthusiastically, sending a shower of sparkling confetti across the stage, sending the artist into fits of ecstasy.

This young child had a tragic past: at the age of four, her parents had to take her to the emergency hospital because she had double pneumonia and her kidneys had stopped working. Her father, who was inconsolable, recalled how they believed they would lose his daughter until her mother proved to be the ideal donor and saved her life. See more of Angelica Hale’s moving and compelling tale in this video.

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