Although this baby is just two days old, she gets her hair washed! Watch the heartwarming moment here!

Let’s admit it: We have to look when a baby video appears. Who can refuse a baby? That is the simple explanation for this.

20-year-old Taveon Glenn uploaded a lovely video of his daughter Amira getting cleaned up. The nurses are delicately brushing the baby’s hair while she has a very calm expression on her face.

She is getting her hair cleaned as his newborn baby is unconcerned and at ease. While the nurse gently chats to her while rinsing her hair, she shuts her eyes and smiles with her mouth.

The infant begins to unwind as soon as they begin, and it is evident in her expression. Her father said witnessing Amira take a bath was one of the most stunning experiences he has ever had.

Only two days after her birth, Amira—whose name means “Princess” in Hebrew—makes an appearance in the film. Since it was posted, this video has had over 30 million views. You’ll understand why once you watch the video.

One of the most priceless and breathtaking things I have ever seen was seeing this newborn having her hair cleaned for the first time.

Watch the video here: