A 40-year-old lady is expecting a kid, but she already has 19! Here they are!

A wonderful family resides in the UK. A woman by the name of Sue Radford actually has 20 kids. Sue had her last son, Archie, when she was 42 years old.

Sue claims that she and her 46-year-old husband Noel are wonderfully happy together but do not have any further plans to have kids.

Archie arrived earlier than expected, but he’s thankfully in perfect health.

The family consists of 9 girls and 10 males. Chris is the oldest name; he is currently 28 years old. Additionally, Phoebe, the youngest, was born a year before Archie.

Sue and Noel are content with their role as parents and grandparents to their three grandkids, who were given to them by their child Sophie.

As a teenager, Sue gave birth for the first time. Although she was young, the girl was not terrified of becoming pregnant; on the contrary, she was overjoyed. Sue and Noel were married as soon as Sue reached legal age.

The husband claims that although they had originally intended to have three children, they later decided a large family would be preferable.

A large home with ten rooms is where the entire family resides. They take a minibus instead of a standard car to get around. They are incredibly cordial and supportive of one another at all times!