The 77 year-old school janitor never had a birthday but look at what the kids did…

Frances Buzzard carried out her routine janitorial tasks.

She constantly made sure the furnishings gleamed. As a result of this great woman’s remarkable dedication and hard work, which made the school one of the cleanest locations in the city, the entire faculty and student body immediately fell in love with her.

But it turned out that this quiet elderly woman had been concealing a terrible secret from everyone the entire time.

Frances was summoned by the director to the school cafeteria one day. When the need was declared over the loudspeaker, the woman must have been perplexed.

She had no idea what she would find as she walked inside the cafeteria.

Francis was anticipated by more than 200 faculty members and students who wanted to wish the woman a happy 77th birthday. In the end, the principal learned that this elderly woman had never in her life experienced a true birthday party. The faculty and students also made the decision to plan a real vacation for her. She has just celebrated her first birthday ever!

She was greeted at the entrance by a boisterous rendition of “Happy Birthday,” and a cart loaded with gingerbread cookies, chocolate muffins, and lots of lemonade was then rolled out of the kitchen.

A sparkling tiara was given to Frances and placed on her head. Before leading the woman to a chair in the middle of the room, the kids also draped a commemorative ribbon for her. She was undeniably the party’s highlight.

The main event of the show was about to begin.

The room’s curtains on one side parted to expose a huge screen. It started a slide presentation with a documentary about Frances’s life in it.

Along the course of her lengthy and exciting life, numerous images captured significant historical events. One of them featured Frances hoisting the flag on Iwo Jima as Neil Armstrong was standing nearby on the moon. When she was younger, she was a very vivacious woman.

But why did she never have a birthday party?

Frances talked about her early years. She came from an extremely low-income background. It turns out that her parents were never able to afford to celebrate the young girl’s birthday properly. They hardly ever had the chance to observe Christmas.

Frances was genuinely touched by the school’s excellent gesture. The principal, staff, and students thoughtfully rewarded the cleaning lady for her efforts. One can only express gratitude to these individuals for brightening the elderly woman’s birthday.