A 9-year-old piano genius impresses the judges on America’s Got Talent…

An amazing premiere is featuring some wonderful talent, some excellent repertoire, and some.. less than stellar performances. Naturally, it all makes me happy! Up until this point.

Within the initial few seconds of his performance, this young Atlantan had me struggling for breath.

Adrian Romoff is a young prodigy who also plays the piano beautifully. Nine years old is he. Nine years old, respectively. Who wants to wager on the grade level of this 9-year-old boy?

He is about to start the tenth grade. He will start college before his peers finish middle school. In addition to playing the piano, Adrian claims to have a gift in science. You’re a man after my own heart, Adrian Romoff! Anyone who loves science must!

Adrian Romoff uses music to describe his feelings, as you can see in the video clip up top. My favorite Adrian remark from tonight was when Heidi Klum asked, “Is he too smart?” (ignorantly ignoring numerous arguments), to which Adrian promptly replied, “According to the fact that there are.”

Watch the video below!