A 60-year-old janitor was taken aback after seeing what his colleagues did…

Robert Reid, the janitor, is a 60-year-old man.

He gained the admiration and respect of his coworkers at Farmington Elementary School in less than four months. Even the agitated students of the Tennessee hamlet of Germantown like him.

Robert was instantly recognized since he is a very approachable individual who is always willing to assist. Because he didn’t have a car of his own, it was difficult for him to get to work.

When his coworkers became aware of this, they made the decision to act independently and raise funds to help him purchase a car.

For someone who must take three buses to get to work and then endure a long walk, life is difficult. especially if the assignment entails cleaning the entire school and doing manual labor. Robert yet persevered by reporting to work five days a week.

He traveled home once the workday was over by taking three buses and walking three kilometers. The return trip took four hours.

The fact that Robert’s coworkers adored him helped a little, as he occasionally received at least a ride to the bus stop.

For a long time, Robert has been attempting to raise money for a van. He had a dream that he would launch his own company and start landscaping after making this purchase.

Colleagues decided to donate money to buy this van after realizing how difficult Robert’s life is. It just took 21 hours to raise $7,000 in total.

Robert knelt down before giving the teacher who planned the event a bear embrace. When he learned that his desire had come true, he was overcome with emotion and could not help smiling or crying.