Cher started to cry as Adam Lambert serenaded her with “Believe,” one of her songs… Video attached!

This performance indicates that Adam Lambert’s career success is just beginning.

Lambert participated in the eighth season of the top-rated reality show “American Idol” and came in second.

“For Your Entertainment,” his debut CD, was a huge success.

The number-one hit “Whataya want from me” helped Lambert become well-known, and people started to take notice of his talent.

They grew to respect his viewpoints, sense of style, and musical tastes.

But Lambert’s fame grew as a result of Queen’s six-concert tour that year.

As a result, numerous people became aware of a brand-new narrative. The band made the decision to extend an open invitation to Lambert to permanently join them after reading all the laudatory reviews and love notes about him.

Brian May, the band’s original guitarist, complimented him and stated he liked hearing his voice.

May compare the times he saw Mercury hone his skills in a similar way to the times he saw Lambert develop his voice.

It was the highest compliment anyone had ever given him.

Cher herself was among those who were moved and astounded by Lambert’s stunning performance of her song “Believe,” one of her most well-known tunes.

See how people applauded his ability to perfectly reproduce the voice and all the feelings of the song, even when it wasn’t his own, in the stunning video up above.

Here is the video: