A 65-year-old mother gave birth to quadruplets. Take a look at them now, three years later…

Women now often give birth after turning 40. They wanted to start a strong family at this age because they had previously established their careers and made money.

At the age of 65, Annegret Raunig gave birth to quadruplets: She has already had 13 children.

A 65-year-old mother who gave birth to quadruplets at that age further demonstrated this.

When Annegret Raunig, a German mother, gave birth to quadruplets, she already had 13 children under her belt and 7 grandkids.

3 years prior, A woman in her sixties had quadrupled. How she currently lives with children.

Annegret was not opposed to having more children because she adored them. However, this “next one” ended up being four more.