Everybody assumed this young boy was joking when he went to sit at the piano, but they were all startled when he began to play…

A young boy of five entered a tiny theater and took a seat at the piano. The crowd gasped when the child appeared. However, the young musician boldly removed the lid and started playing Mozart’s most challenging composition flawlessly.

Numerous audience members began muttering as soon as the first chords were played. The Piano Sonata No. was known to them. The first movement of an area. in C major. This tune is challenging even for a skilled musician to play. It’s an amazing talent for a kid to have.

Likewise, think about the size of his hands. People remarked on Albert’s performance, “After all, the piano is far harder for him to play than for an adult.”

The boy’s performance video went viral online very soon. He was recognizable to the general public: Family members who were pianists and musicians brought up Alberto Cartuccia Cingolani.

He was able to do it when he was three years old. Alberto already has a distinct idea of what his future holds. A five-year-old will spend the majority of their life savings on music.

Watch the video below!