A family carves the “ideal” pumpkins for four hours, which represent something special for all of them!

Since Dance was just a young dog, his family has been with him, and they are unable to imagine their life without him.

In a genuine sense, dance is a part of our youth. When you hide the duck anywhere in the house, he plays “find the duck” with the kids.

Dance’s family absolutely adores him, and he feels the same way about them.

Recently, while the family gathered for a pumpkin-cutting activity, they came up with the most brilliant idea to remember their little one.

“My better half” decided to create a Dance similarity after seeing one more depiction of a dachshund cut out of a pumpkin on Pinterest, according to Harwick.

Dance’s father immediately began working on the three-pumpkin project after realizing that only one pumpkin wouldn’t do because Dance is a long-haired dog.

When the project was finally finished, everyone, even Dance, was in awe of how it turned out.

To ensure that there is never any doubt about how much this family values their dog, the Dance pumpkins are currently proudly displayed for all to see.