A talented artist who is only 7 years old has become famous… Her works are amazing!

Australian artist Aelita Andre, age 7, is from Melbourne. This young girl prodigy has an excellent resume despite her age.

The crowds that come to her solo exhibits are sizable. Her paintings are enormously popular. Who would have imagined that a young child could gain such notoriety and acclaim?

Aelita started drawing at the age of just nine months. Her parents said that she awoke with a keen interest in hues, textures, shapes, and lines.

When Aelita was just two years old, she had her first solo exhibition. The method used to create these young artists’ images is very similar to that of Jackson Pollock, one of the most well-known members of the abstract expressionism school.

Little Aelita utilizes toys and vibrant acrylic paint for her drawings (for example, plastic dinosaurs, butterflies, penguins, etc.).

For me, it’s possible to simultaneously sense excitement, adoration, and the need to take action in her works, which enables everyone to comprehend better what a young genius is truly experiencing.

I adore the girl’s drawing style. One bottle, or more properly, one painting, has an extraordinary interplay of hues, materials, and emotions. What do you find intriguing about it? Could you carry out a similar action? Show off to your pals these original baby creations.