These Siamese twin brothers split up in 2017 and here is how they look now at the age of 6!

The births of Prince and Love Zalte took place on September 19, 2016, in a Mumbai, India, maternity facility. In the fifth month of her pregnancy, Shetal discovered that the twins were Siamese.

The Zalte family started setting aside funds for the impending treatment even though they were still unsure of whether it would be viable to separate them.

Prince and Love were carefully examined after their births. Many analysts instantly concluded that they could eventually be split apart. Chetal and Sagar had no second thoughts about their choice to keep the kids apart. They visited the most expensive clinic they could find.

A large team of experts started a protracted separation preparation when the brothers were one year old. All of this took around two months.

The actual operation was slated for December 12, 2017. 30 professionals worked over 12 hours to revive the Prince and Love. Dr. Shakuntala Prabhu only gave their parents positive news the following morning: “Everything went fine!”

The kids had to learn a lot after they split off from one another. They picked up the skills necessary to crawl, stand, and walk under the guidance of experts. Only when the kids were two years old did they take their first independent steps. The physicians kept an eye on the Prince and Love for an entire year.

They practically became family to one another at this time. The entire clinic staff gathered at the Zalte family’s house to commemorate this joyous occasion with a cup of tea and some birthday cake on the first anniversary of their separation.

A significant development for the clinic was the separating of Siamese twins. She is currently one of the nation’s leaders in dealing with such cases. The twins are now approximately 4 years old and were split up in 2017. Children practically do not vary from their classmates and have very mobile lives.

The majority of their time is spent together as brothers. They share the same emotions as well as the same interests and preferences. And given that they were essentially one just two and a half years ago, this is not at all strange.

Children adore playing ball and have aspirations of participating in professional sports as adults. The most important factor is that they are completely healthy and content. Let’s wish them luck and success in everything they do!