A two-year-old baby thinks that she just saw Santa and here is what the gentleman does…

The toddler approached the older gentleman she saw because she thought he was Santa Claus.

Hearing the man’s response and hearing them converse was quite endearing.

Without question, Santa Claus counts among kids’ heroes.

Their cheeks light up when they encounter Santa, whether it’s at a Christmas market or at home on Christmas Eve in the sitting room.

A family was shopping for Christmas presents two years ago when one such incident was captured on camera.

Their two-year-old daughter covers her lips with a finger and shouts, “Shh, it’s Santa!”

She had indeed seen a man with a white beard who remarkably mirrored the person she was expecting to see come out of the chimney.

After some support from her dad, Sophie found the bravery to approach the man, whose name turned out to be Roger Larck.

Santa? Sophie approached the man and asked. I’ve been called worse, Roger says in response.

and continues a priceless conversation Sophie will always treasure.

Sophie displays her gorgeous nails to “Santa” when he comes to their house and begs him to bring cookies.

When he asks if all the cookies will be for him, she answers right away that he can only have one cookie.

She adds, “I’ll give the rest to the reindeer, but she quickly discovers that they usually just eat grass.”

“But discovering it at the North Pole is pretty challenging,” he adds.

It’s very adorable because the girl’s older sister got a video of it.

Watch the adorable moment here: