A woman believed that she had a disease and could not have kids… However, it turned out that…

The Lord’s ways are unfathomable, in fact. The Italian woman believed she had the coronavirus; however, it turned out that these were pregnancy symptoms.

The size of her family was immediately increased when she gave birth to identical triplets. One case out of 30 million is enough to qualify as a phenomenon in this circumstance!

An Italian woman named Vittoria started feeling ill in the late fall and believed she had COVID. Test results, however, revealed that she was carrying triplets.

She gave birth to identical triplets, Marisol, Clarissa, and Ginevra, during her seventh month of pregnancy via emergency cesarean section. Because they were early, the girls spent 40 days in the hospital. They each weighed 1100, 1200, and 1400 grams.

The triplets are strikingly similar to one another because they were created from the same fertilized egg.

Their aunt even created unique wristbands to distinguish between nieces in order to avoid confusing the young children.

And although while Vittoria is by no means the first lady to encounter identical triplets, they are not common. When Katie Crow from the UK gave birth to Tommy, Joshua, and Eddie, three identical triplets, she also increased the size of her family in February.

When an egg is fertilized by a sperm cell, the egg divides into two or three parts, and then one of these halves splits apart once again.

Three embryos with the identical genetic makeup are produced as a result. Kids of the same gender always emerge as a result of this process.