The judges say that these two kids are the greatest dancers in the world! Check out their performance here!

Lily Strawn, 11, and Joseph Chow, 8, both dancers, dazzled the judges in BBC TV’s “Best Dancer” competition. The pair possess grace and talent that are above their years.

Additionally, the judges’ tears were brought on by their touching modern dance performance. In this British program, dancers of all ages and styles fight for cash prizes and the opportunity to be on Strictly Come Dancing.

The dancer is first hidden from the audience by the wall. On video displays, the dancers are visible only to the audience and judges. The audience has the opportunity to cast a vote once the performers have begun.

The glass wall will open, and the dancer will move on to the next round if more than 75% of the crowd approves of them. She may be seen turning away from the camera to wipe her face of the tears that are falling.

Lily and Joseph, two young dancers, are, without a doubt, naturally talented dancers. And today, the world was able to witness their magnificent gift.

Here is the amazing performance video: