A woman rescued a cute puppy, but it turned out that it wasn’t even a dog actually…

A stray puppy was discovered by an Australian family in their kids’ playroom. Since the puppy was so adorable and frail, Jane, the home’s owner, brought him with her.

At first, Jane thought it was a dog or a small fox. On the back of the creature’s mouth, hook-like features could be observed.

There is little doubt that the falcon took this pup and later left it behind.

The following day, Jane took the dog to the vet. The specialist quickly realized that this wasn’t just any little puppy, so they contacted an Australian rescue organization.

According to the staff at the institution, a DNA test revealed that the pup is a purebred wild dingo dog. When he first met Wendy, the dog, she was five months old.

Wendy was placed in this pet hotel, which also houses dingos. Despite his diminutive size, he gets along with others and is outgoing and pleasant.

Wendy confirms that purebred dingos can be found in Australia. His intentions for the future include taking part in a crazy reproduction program.

Although dingos are canines, they are in no manner pets.