After his wife gave birth to their child and left them, he eventually discovered how to be a good father…

Rick’s amazement at his wife’s unexpected choice to leave him was very understandable.

For the first time in his life, he had to take responsibility for a little child whose physical limitations prevented her from being still for more than a few seconds.

The father initially found everything happening to be quite confusing.

He recognized he needed to improve his life or risk never being able to offer his daughter a nice one after seeing the despair on her face.

The man eventually collected himself and started reading parenting-related books, but he soon discovered that the advice was primarily maternal rather than paternal in nature.

Dad took care of everything, so everything is OK. To keep up with the woman as she grew older, the gentleman needed entirely new abilities.

A relationship that will last a lifetime has benefited both the father and the daughter.

Rick feels happy that he can concentrate on his duties as a parent now that he has survived the first few weeks and months after his wife left him.

In a similar vein, Rick is happy that his experience with his wife’s separation is behind him.

He is ultimately most concerned with his daughter’s smile. And he’s willing to do anything to keep that grin on his face.