A woman who escaped society has aged beautifully for almost 40 years…

At the age of 56, Lynx Wilden has had his peculiar existence chronicled by the press, photographers, tourists, and others. She has given up the city for the bush, believing that this is her best scenario for the future. Sometimes in opposition to expectations.

Lynx had a typical childhood. In Sweden and the United States, she studied biology as a young woman, where she gained an appreciation for nature.

The young woman started taking long excursions in the forests, along the riverbanks, etc. Lynx gave up the urban life after much thought and opted for a more rural one.

Even after having a child, Lynx still plans trips like these. After spending years in the woods, mountains, and a winter shelter, she was discovered at the age of 46.

Foraging for edible fungus, berries, and other plants was a lynx specialty. This way of life was viewed as odd by many.

Lynx acquired her parents’ wealth when she was at the ripe old age of 46. The woman relocated to Washington State and bought some farmland there.

Lynx built a wooden home as his permanent residence. She sleeps covertly among the trees while living in the bush while covered in animal hides.

She gathers a group of visitors, teaches them outdoor survival skills, and then takes them to the most spectacular locations in the area on her own trips.

Use of technology at this time is not appropriate. By obtaining their own water, fuel, and shelter, they must care for themselves. Some people respond to this because it amuses them.

She will have critics who label her crazy and supporters who praise her for her moral courage and compassion for the environment.