A man could not choose who to marry so he married the three sisters at the same time! Here is how they live…

In the evening, the dates of the three twins were revealed to one another when they returned home. Eve, Mary, and Kate were all unaware that they were dating the same individual.

But when the truth finally emerged, Stephen was pushed to make a difficult choice: he wed three sisters simultaneously. Steve and Kate initially met.

For several weeks, the pair went on dates at the same restaurant. One evening, the girl saw that her sister was also present, but she gave the incident little further thought.

Eva and Mary both saw Steve, but neither twin had any suspicions that he wasn’t being entirely truthful. Until their stories to one start to resemble one another as much as feasible, at least.

We abruptly became aware that we were describing a peculiarly similar individual. I also brought my sisters with me to the next checkup to confirm it; Kate told reporters. Steve didn’t dispute it when he saw all the twins in front of him.

He acknowledged that he was unable to make a decision, but he chose to behave honorably anyhow. After speaking with each sister, Steve extended his hand and his heart, and all three accepted. Living in Congo, where such unions are permitted, are Kate, Mary, Eve, and Steve.

Following the recent wedding, an unusually big family is now residing in the same home.