Adorable twins look like milk and chocolate… Read their story here!

If you look at the image below, you may assume that these two infants are unrelated to one another and were placed in the same frame solely for the purpose of being photographed for a magazine. But the truth is that these people are twins and, to make matters worse, siblings.

David and Daniel share a Nigerian family of origin. While pregnant, the couple was overjoyed to have two boys at once and saw this as a divine blessing, but the newlyweds were not prepared for such a shock.

The boys’ mother, Stacey, claims that because the ultrasound did not reveal any differences between the twins when she was pregnant, the family was unaware of them. Therefore, it came as a major shock when David and Daniel both had red hair.

As you can see, David has albinism, a hereditary disorder where the skin and hair are white due to a melanin deficit. Although David does not resemble his twin brother in appearance, his parents rigorously enforce that the boys share everything equally. This is true of things, obligations, and connections.

Many of the males who pass them on the street turn to take a closer look, and each time they are shocked to discover that they are twins. This contrast gives this twin pair even more individuality.

In spite of the fact that there are almost 2 million albinos in Nigeria, this group endures severe prejudice from family, classmates, and peers. Stacey claims that she hasn’t heard any disparaging remarks regarding her albino son.