A lady with a genetic trait was able to develop into a successful model, overcoming complexes to do so…

Many people desire at least one aspect of their look that will set them apart from others while also drawing attention to them.

And whoever exhibits such vigor for whatever reason suffers from it for many years.

Victoria Santiago, a Kentucky native, experienced the same thing.

The girl has an intriguing genetic mark: on the one side, she has eyebrow hairs and entirely white eyelashes.

Victoria spent a lot of time concealing this feature with mascara and eyebrow pencils.

However, the girl eventually made the decision to launch a Tik Tok channel where she frankly displayed her appearance.

The account quickly gathered a sizable following. Victoria gained a large following of admirers thanks to her uncommon attractiveness.

Then, she caught the attention of companies that wanted to utilize her as the face of their brand in order to convey to the world the importance of accepting oneself just as you are.

Since childhood, she had a large group of close friends who were always there for her and thought the world of her. Her parents are always in awe of their daughter. She is a great source of encouragement and an inspiration, particularly for people with complexes and feelings of shame.