After being homeless for 12 years, his son decided to assist him… He looks so much different and taken care of now…

This man was pushing his dad to turn his life around. Everything appears to be radically different now that the guy’s dad has changed his viewpoint.

Love is a powerful emotion. Juan Sebastian Herrera fought tenaciously for his father’s freedom from addiction and poverty over the course of 12 years. This man used some lousy stuff and lived on the streets of Colombia just several months ago.

In a recent interview, the young guy revealed that his dad, Alexandro Carmona, had begun a new life and had escaped the world of abject poverty. On Father’s Day, a young guy went in search of his dad to offer him a change in his life, which is when the change started.

Remarks Juan Carlos:

“I had a pretty bad upbringing. I found it really upsetting to witness my father living on the streets. He visited treatment facilities, but everything started up again after a few weeks. He lacked the motivation to alter. I caught him off guard when I came across him on the street and took him to the barber to get his hair and beard shaved. In order for him to sing and feel joyful, I got him new clothes and organized for a 300-person hall in Carthage.”

He appeared to have started feeling guilty about neglecting himself after that day. He was moved by my concern and thought he could proceed. The fact that he was still too young to collapse on the streets inspired him. He eventually decided to modify his outlook on life. He believed he had a purpose in life. As his only son, I recently gave birth to his grandchild, a daughter, just five months ago.

Above is how they appear right now.