After their trip to Disney got canceled, a 10-year-old girl makes her own version of Disney World for her younger brother… Video attached!

Most of the world was forced to change their travel and vacation plans due to the COVID-19 issue, and in April, when the epidemic was sweeping over the nation, a young child was forced to cancel his trip to Disney World for his eighth birthday.

Ella, Sam Olsen’s 10-year-old big sister, is thankfully the best in the world. The Magic Kingdom-themed day took place in their then-home in northern Minnesota, according to Angela Olsen, who stated that “she spent about six weeks organizing this for him.”

For her little brother’s birthday, Ella made sure everything was extravagant. There were four ride experiences, an ice cream cart serving Mickey Bars, and even Disney-themed background music.

“Once Sam put on his Magic Band, everything got extremely genuine,” said Olsen. She made a cardboard box, which quickly gained popularity. Ella’s mother, she painted a separate experiential scenario on each side before taking a “journey” together. Sam’s mother uploaded a video of him riding “Splash Mountain” to Instagram, and it has received thousands of views.

The amount of attention her video has gotten since she shared it in September has “totally astonished me,” Olsen said. “Ella is overjoyed that it made other people happy. Sam and she adore one another. What a lovely way to honor her little brother’s birthday and transform a sad circumstance into something special.

Check out the video below!