Michael J. Fox, a legend of the 1980s, is welcomed by Johnny Carson for the first time… Here is the video!

When Michael J. Fox appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” in 1985, no star was larger. Back to the Future is one of the most recognizable movies of the 1980s, starring Michael.

When Johnny introduces Michael and talks about his brand-new summer blockbuster, the audience erupts in jubilant applause. Johnny also makes reference to Michael’s next movie, “Teen Wolf,” another 80s classic.

Michael J. Fox exits the building while smiling and maintaining a cool demeanor. Johnny enquires as to whether the subject of his small height has grown old. “Uh, not really,” responds Michael. I have always been petite.

When a friend got locked out of their house as a child, Michael claims it was always to their benefit because he would be the one to climb through the window and open the front door. He added, “I started acting when I was 15, playing like ten-year-olds, explaining how his tiny stature helped him get acting roles. It has, therefore, always worked for me.

If Michael was a specific age and yet believed he would grow, Johnny questioned. Yes, yesterday, Michael responded. For a while, I thought, “Maybe, maybe.” Actually, I grew accustomed to it.

According to Johnny, most performers go out and say, “Okay, now I’m going to get something I wanted when they have lean moments, and they get something where they have some bread coming in. Just out of luxury, you know.

Michael says, “I used to despise those guys. I used to loathe it when some young guy my age would drive by in a fancy car. I then went out and purchased one.

He talks about how he recently purchased a home in the hills, which, due to the surrounding dirt and trees, reminds him of Canada. When Michael went to look for a house, he reportedly flung his keys on the ground and declared, “This is my house!” The star of the popular comedy “Family Ties” enjoys his time with Johnny, making the entire interview a treat.

Watch the video here: