A young child with autism entered the stage, and within seconds, he astounded the judges and brought the audience to tears…

On television, there are many musical programs. And occasionally, they allow us to see secret abilities that we otherwise wouldn’t know about or hear about.

We adore it when youngsters feature in these programs. It is commendable to see their bravery as they attempt to sing on a large platform in front of so many people, especially given the possibility that we are currently watching the birth of a celebrity.

Calum Courtney, 10, is a joyful child with an angelic voice. Calum has autism as well.

Calum never gives up, even though things aren’t always simple for him. Despite having autism and being young, he insisted on following his passion for life.

Calum has always enjoyed singing. and lately decided to enter the competitive television program Britain’s Got Talent. His family was there to support him as he undertook the difficult undertaking.

Calum cautiously entered the stage when it was his turn to do so and presented himself to the panel of judges and the spectators. But could he handle the pressure and perform how he wanted in front of so many people?

Calum gave a negative response when asked by one of the judges if he was under any stress. As Calum’s family sat on the sidelines, the renowned judge Simon Cowell initially appeared a little dubious.

However, as soon as the 10-year-old started speaking, the judges understood he was a very remarkable young man.

Calum has turned out to be a tremendous star! A big voice was hidden inside the body of the young youngster.

Watch the video below to hear Calum perform, and don’t miss the judges’ critique at the end to see his reaction. It’s difficult not to feel moved by it.