An 84-year-old acrobat performs on America’s Got Talent and leaves everyone in astonishment…

The most recent edition of America’s Got Talent is proof that talent should never be held back or suppressed and that age is just a number.

At AGT 2019, Brazilian duo Leon, 84, and Edson, 54, of Dupla o Tempo, rocked the stage and astounded the judges and crowd with their gymnastics. The hand balancers Edson & Leon are living proof that age is just a number because they never give up on their aspirations.

They first met each other 14 years ago, and they had long dreamed of performing hand-balancing routines in front of sizable crowds. On “America’s Got Talent,” they finally got their chance.

They appeared on stage dressed as characters from “Up,” which was likely inspired by judge Julianne Hough’s earlier remarks about them.

They began their routine slowly but then abruptly changed into something else by performing lift and body balancing acts together, shocking the judges and the crowd alike.

The amount of support and affection these two are getting shows that their act was well received by people all over the world.

Here is the video: