An elderly woman takes a poor boy’s umbrella as it starts to rain, and she returns it with something special…

The poor boy saw an elderly woman in the rain and decided to offer her his umbrella. He later accompanied her to her home. He and his mother were shocked to discover what dropped from the umbrella when they opened it again a few days later.

Tom, a 15-year-old kid, was being raised by Marissa alone. They were poor and struggled every day to make enough money for three meals and to pay the bills.

Every day, Tom’s mother cleaned up a neighboring park. She never used public transportation; instead, she chose to walk both to and from work in order to save money.

Tom once observed that Marissa had a soggy return from work. “Mom! You will become ill. Why did you continue to walk in the rain? – he fretted.

I’m fine, sweetie. Strong winds caused my umbrella to break, and I wanted to be home in time for supper with you,” she said. Okay, I’ll just take a shower and prepare dinner for you.

Tom was able to detect when his mother wasn’t feeling well and when she was likely to become ill. For his mother’s upcoming birthday, he wanted to give her a present that would help her feel comfortable every day.

Tom had been putting money down for Marissa’s birthday for months without telling her. He had raised $25, which he felt would be plenty to buy his mother a good present.

Marissa awoke the following morning with a high fever. Tom warned her, “Mom, don’t get out of bed.” I’ll look after you today. Your medication is here. He extended a glass of water to her and pleaded with her to take them.

Tom informed Marissa that he would return soon away since he had to go make a purchase. “Mom, get some rest. He kissed her cheek and murmured, “I’ll be here when you wake up.

To get the ingredients for his mother’s hot chowder, Tom went to the neighborhood department shop. Then he thought about going to the umbrella area after realizing that his mother’s birthday was coming up soon.

Tom prioritized buying his mother a gift when he got to the store instead of purchasing meals. He decided to ask a query of the cashier working in the umbrella section.

“Sir, which of your umbrellas is the strongest?” he enquired. “The one that lasts for years and doesn’t break in the wind.”

Oh, there are newcomers. The man said, “They are fairly pricey, but they are made of thicker material and stronger metal and are designed to last longer. Tom was especially thrilled when he showed him several colorful umbrellas.

He pulled up a lavender-colored umbrella from the display cabinet and commented, “They look extremely robust. My mother loves the color. She’ll enjoy it, I’m sure of it. Tom looked at the price tag and turned it over. He had $22, which left him only around $3 to spend on lunch.

He moved toward the fast food aisle while carrying a lavender umbrella through the supermarket. He was relieved to discover a can of chicken noodle soup for under $1 so that he could still buy meals for his mother.

Tom couldn’t help but smile as he left the store after using his $25 to get his mother what she needed. He even had $2 left over!

It started raining while Tom was making his way home from the store. He decided to seek refuge at the closest bus station after running there. From there he saw an old lady wandering slowly as everyone else fled for safety.

Despite being drenched from the rain, Tom realized that the woman had no intention of stopping. He questioned, “Why isn’t she stopping?” to himself. He picked up an umbrella out of his paper bag instinctively and made the decision to pursue the woman.

“Ma’am, you shouldn’t step outside in the rain. You could fall ill. Let me take you home; my name is Tom, he said. The elderly woman felt the rain stop abruptly, which shocked her. She saw that the umbrella was shielding her from the rain as she looked up.

“I’m grateful, young man. I appreciate your assistance. She put her hand on Tom’s arm and introduced herself as Elizabeth as he led her to the house. You are a fortunate man. You were able to purchase an umbrella before it started to rain, she observed.

Tom gave a headshake. It was intended as a gift for my mother. She damaged her umbrella yesterday, got wet in the rain, and now she has a fever. I wanted to give her something useful that she could keep for a long time.

Elizabeth said, “I apologize, sweetheart. “You used the gift exclusively as a result of me? You shouldn’t have,” she remarked as she began to halt.

“No problem, ma’am. I could at least test it. Tom smiled at her in an effort to cheer her up, saying, “The salesperson was accurate, it is much stronger than the typical umbrellas you see these days.

“That’s fantastic. Elizabeth said, “Your mom is lucky to have such a wonderful, loving boy like you.

“I was fortunate to have a mother who worked so hard. I was brought up by her alone. Giving her a gift was the least I could do, so I did. I’ve been putting money aside for months,” Tom said.

A short while later, they arrived at Elizabeth’s residence. She demanded Tom remain for a bit until the torrential downpour subsided.

Elizabeth gave Tom some hot tea while they were inside. It’s excellent. Tom grinned and said, “Thank you, lady. We talked till the rain stopped.

Elizabeth grabbed the umbrella from the paper bag and said, “Let me help you wrap a present for your mother.” She cleaned the umbrella in her room before wrapping it in lovely flowered paper.

“This is for you, sweetheart. She remarked as she gave Tom the gift, “I hope your mother likes it. Tom grinned when he saw the gift that had been carefully wrapped.